PBS and Regional Trade Associations

Regionals Who are PBS Supporters







Each of these Regionals has access to promo codes for booksellers whose stores are active members. The codes may be used to reduce the cost of each course when you register. Please email your Regional for the codes before you begin the registration process for a course.


Regionals Who Offer Support for Booksellers Taking PBS Courses


New Atlantic Independent Booksellers Association

NAIBA will refund the full cost of a course if the student becomes certified and works for a store with a current membership. Email: eileen@naiba.com


Southern Independent Booksellers Alliance

SIBA will reimburse up to 10 booksellers per year who complete a PBS course and earn certification. Booksellers must be an employee of a bookstore that is a current member of SIBA. Reimbursement is on a first come, first served basis. Email: lindamarie@sibaweb.com.

Midwest Independent Booksellers Association

MIBA will reimburse booksellers who are current members and who earn a certification in PBS courses. Email: carrie@midwestbooksellers.org

Mountains & Plains Independent Booksellers Association

MPIBA reimburses member stores for the tuition of any of their booksellers who get certified in any PBS course. Stores must be a dues paying member, meaning they cannot get reimbursed during their first, free year of dues.


California Independent Booksellers Alliance

CALIBA will reimburse booksellers for the completion and certification of each course. For those auditing courses, ½ of the tuition cost will be reimbursed with proof of attendance. Booksellers must be an employee of bookstore that is a current member of CALIBA. Email: ann@caliballiance.org


Pacific Northwest Booksellers Association

Employees of PNBA member stores are eligible for partial reimbursement for courses completed through the Professional Bookseller School. Documentation of specific course completion must be provided at the time of request. Reimbursement credits may not be made to individuals, only to their employing member store. Email: brian@pnba.org