Deans & Instructors

We are looking for experienced booksellers (owners, managers, frontline) to be instructors in the Professional Bookseller Certification Program on a rolling basis. Find out more below.

Instructor & Dean Overview:

Instructors must have years of experience in the area they will be teaching and demonstratable knowledge. The Dean for each course is an advanced professional who leads the teaching team.

Each new module is developed by a team of 4-5 instructors and a Dean. The development team meets over a period of months to map out the curriculum, establish learning goals, determine evidence of learning for homework, and build out the individual classes. These development teams may also go on to teach, or new or additional instructors may be brought on board once a course is ready to launch.

Instructors and Deans will receive the Professional Bookseller Certification for any course they build and teach. Current compensation is $35/hour as an independent contractor.

Instructors will:

  • attend regular planning meetings
  • build out the content for the program
  • prepare the classes’ scripts, handouts, and homework assignments
  • be responsible for leading a certain number of the classes
  • evaluate and approve students’ homework
  • be available for office hours to guide and answer students’ questions
  • at the completion of the course, determine which students have achieved certification
  • after the course, review the curriculum and suggest improvements for the future

Course Overview:
  • There are an average of five Instructors per course.
  • Classes are generally weekly, 60-90 mins each. Only the instructors for that class must attend any particular night, but all instructors are welcome to monitor each class.
  • Each course module is expected to be anywhere from ten to 16 weeks.
  • Time expected for each module:
    • Developing a course: 20 hours prep time 
    • Teaching a course: 10-15 hours of teaching, reviewing homework, and office hours.

Interested in Joining Our Teaching Team?

Email our Director, Eileen Dengler, at: